Crime Victims United of California is the only organization of its kind — using education, legislative advocacy and political action to enhance public safety, promote effective crime-reduction measures and strengthen the rights of crime victims.






Crime Victims United has advocated for multiple efforts to protect and improve the death penalty, including Proposition 114 (expanded definition of

peace officer for purposes of special circumstances), Proposition 195 (added three types of first-degree murder to the special circumstances list),

Proposition 118 (added three more crimes to the special circumstances list), Proposition 66 (streamlined the process) and we strongly opposed

Proposition 62 (repeal of the death penalty).


However, in March 2019, Governor Newsom went against his own campaign promise — to respect the will of the electorate by following and

implementing the law — and imposed a moratorium on (ended) the death penalty in California, at least while he's in office. He chose the state's

most monstrous murderers, rapists and torturers over victims, who were shown no mercy by these criminals ... or the Governor himself.


We'll be putting out a series of flyers profiling some of these heinous offenders in the weeks and months to come.


Please click here to be added to our distribution list and here to let the Governor know how you feel. In the meantime, here are some

facts about the death penalty to keep in mind.



Know the Facts
There are 737 death row inmates in California, responsible for killing 1,000 victims


Their victims include 229 murdered children, 43 murdered peace officers and 294 of the victims were sexually assaulted and tortured


A series of empirical studies have clearly shown that when executions in the USA increase, murders decrease, and when executions

decrease, murders increase*. Learn more


If you think California is executing innocent men, think again*.  Learn more


Death penalty opponents want you to believe that California has spent $5-billion to execute 13 death row inmates. That is simply not true!* Learn more

* Thank you to our good friend Marc Klaas and the Klaas Kids Foundation for their excellent resources!


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