There's No Excuse for Rape

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 4:08pm

We attended a convention last week with the intent to educate people on the dangers of Proposition 47, the so called “Safe” Neighborhoods and Schools Act.

This is one of the most dangerous propositions to be on the California ballot.  Just one of the dangers of Proposition 47 is that it will reduce the penalty for possession of drugs used to facilitate date-rape to a simple misdemeanor; no matter how many times the suspected sexual predator has been charged with possession of date-rape drugs. The judge would be forced to sentence them as if it were their very first time in court.

While conversing with people about the dangers of this proposition I realized how truly dangerous this is for women and how it will erode all the hard work we have put into getting the message out that RAPE IS RAPE and there is NO excuse for it.

One man I was speaking with said that he lived in Nevada and if they had it on the ballot there he would vote for it.

I explained the danger of the date rape drug.  He looked at me and said, “So what if a guy has that?” I explained to him that it was being used on women to render them unconscious so that a man can rape them and the woman is left with very little or no memory of what happened to her. He then proceeded to say, “Well, they shouldn’t be hanging around guys like that.”

At this point I’m thinking, “OK. You’re struggling to make a point that isn’t there so I’ll let that slide. Surely he just doesn’t understand the dangers”

I then tell him women can be out with their girlfriends having a drink and it can be slipped into their drink without their knowledge.  He then tells me, “Well that’s what you get for going to places like that.”


This mentality that if a woman has a few drinks and gets raped it’s her fault must stop! If we vote as a society to reduce the penalty for possession of this drug, we only strengthen the thought process of this Neanderthal that I spoke with.  Date rape is a violent, serious crime and there is no reason for someone to be in possession of date rape drugs.  Obviously the authors and supporters of Proposition 47 believe like this guy, that possession of date rape drugs is no big deal. Their website says this proposition will “Change the lowest-level, nonviolent crimes such as simple drug possession … from felonies to misdemeanors”.

Simple drug possession??! I for one do not believe that possession of a drug that aids a man in raping a woman is a simple drug. NO WOMAN DESERVES TO BE RAPED. And possession of a drug like this should be considered serious by ALL society.

It’s something to think about as your daughter, sister, mother, wife, or friend attends a holiday party this season. We have the right to be safe.

Join me in protecting women and all that we have fought for in saying there is NO excuse for rape. VOTE NO! ON PROPOSITION 47; the so called “Safe” Neighborhoods and Schools Act. Don’t let the clock be turned back!

- Harriet Salarno, Crime Victims United of California