Serious flaws found in analysis of Prop 47

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 10:00am


An analysis conducted by the California District Attorneys Association has found that while Proposition 47 claims to reduce criminal behavior, it excludes several violent and serious crimes that would be viewed as "non-serious" should Proposition 47 pass this November.

The list of these crimes Include:

1. Carjacking
2. Armed Robbery
3. Assault on a peace officer or a firefighter with an assault weapon, a hand-gun, a shotgun or a knife.
4. Most felonies in which the defendant personally uses a firearm
5. Assault with a deadly weapon by an inmate
6. Bank robbery
7. Residential Burglary
8. Holding a hostage by a state prison inmate
9. Kidnapping
10. Drug trafficking, no matter how large the transaction
11. Shooting at an inhabited dwelling, vehicle or aircraft
12. Assault with a deadly weapon against a school employee
13. Non-fatal drive-by shootings
14. Witness intimidation
15. Throwing acid or flammable substances at a victim

That doesn't sound "safe" to us!

- Crime Victims United of California