Mon, 06/18/2018 - 4:45pm


Important Dates & Deadlines


June 15th                   Budget Bill must be passed by midnight

June 28th                   Last day for a legislative measure to qualify for the Nov. 6 General Election ballot

June 29th                   Last day for policy committees to hear and report fiscal bills to fiscal committees

July 6th                    Last day for policy committees to meet and report bills.

July 6th - Aug. 6th         Summer Recess

August 17th                 Last day for fiscal committees to meet and report bills

August 20th - 31st          Floor session only.

August 31st                 Last day for each house to pass bills.




June 2018 Primary Election Wrap-Up


Heading into the California Primary yesterday, voting experts predicted a mere one-third of registered voters would engage.  Although the prediction was quite low, historical turnout has suggested California gubernatorial primaries have typically hovered around 33 to 34%.  While we do not know the specific turnout as of 5 a.m. this morning, 100% of precincts had already reported their initial numbers.  That said, mailed ballots will continue to be counted for weeks and in places like Los Angeles County, printing errors could put thousands of votes in jeopardy. 

Ultimately, the big ticket races included the gubernatorial primary where Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D), as expected, took the top spot followed by San Diego Republican businessman John Cox who beat out former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D), Treasurer John Chiang (D) and former Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin (D); the US Senate race where Dianne Feinstein (D) appears poised to retain her seat for a fifth term in November with a strong lead over likely November opponent state Senator Kevin de Leon (D); a number of special elections to fill vacancies as a result of harassment allegations; and the recall of Senator Josh Newman in question in Orange County.

Also of note were a number of congressional races in California up for grabs, providing Democrats a shot at helping to overturn control of Congress in November.  As of early this morning, however, some of those aspirations remained in question as votes continued to be tallied with a few seats yet to be solidified for a Democrat to remain in the top two for the November General.

All in all, it was an eventful primary with some results and voter turnout impacts still being evaluated and yet unclear.  Stay tuned for further updates as mailed ballots continue to be tallied….


 Statewide Ballot Measures




Prop 68: California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.                         

PASS (56.0% to 44.0%)

Authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds for: parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply, and flood protection.


Prop 69: Motor Vehicle Fees and Taxes: Restriction on Expenditures: Appropriations Limit.                                                                   

PASS (80.4% to 19.6%)

Requires that certain revenues generated by a 2017 transportation funding law be used only for transportation purposes and generally prohibits Legislature from diverting funds to other purposes.


Prop 70: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund.                                                                                                                                             

FAIL (63.6% to 36.4%)

Beginning in 2024, requires that cap-and-trade revenues accumulate in a reserve fund until the Legislature, by a two-thirds majority, authorizes use of the revenues.


Prop 71: Ballot Measures: Effective Date.                                                                                                                                                                   

PASS (76.8% to 23.2%)

Provides that ballot measures approved by a majority of voters shall take effect five days after the Secretary of State certifies the results of the election.


Prop 72: Property Tax Reassessment: New Construction Exclusion: Rain Water Capture System.                                                             

PASS (83.3% to 16.7%)

Permits Legislature to allow construction of rain-capture systems, completed on or after January 1, 2019, without requiring property-tax reassessment.


US Senate

(Feinstein) – Dianne Feinstein (D) vs. Kevin de León (D) vs. Paul A. Taylor (R) vs. James P. Bradley (R) (A field of 32 candidates running)

** Feinstein at 43.9% to de León at 11.3%, Bradley at 8.8%, and Taylor at 5.1% - Feinstein and de Leon and will face off in November General



(Brown) – Gavin Newsom (D) vs. Antonio Villaraigosa (D) vs. Travis Allen (R) vs. John Cox vs. John Chiang (D) vs. Delaine Eastin (D)  (A field of 27 candidates running)

** Newsom at 33.4% to Villaraigosa at 13.5%, Allen at 9.7%, Cox at 26.2%, Chiang at 9.0% and Eastin at 2.9% - Newsom and Cox will face off in November General


Lieutenant Governor

(Newsom) – Ed Hernandez (D) vs. Eleni Kounalakis (D) vs. Cole Harris (R) (A field of 11 candidates running)

**Kounalakis at 23.5% to Hernandez at 20.8%, and Harris at 18.3% - Kounalakis and Hernandez will face off in November General


Secretary of State

 (Padilla) – Alex Padilla (D) vs. Mark P. Meuser (R) (A field 8 candidates running)

** Padilla at 51.5%% to Meuser at 32.0% - Padilla and Meuser will face off in November General



(Yee) – Betty Yee (D) vs. Konstantinos Roditis (R) (A field of 3 candidates)

** Yee at 60.9% to Roditis at 35% - Yee and Roditis will face off in November General



(Chiang) – Fiona Ma (D) vs. Vivek Viswanathan (D) vs. Greg Conlon (R)

** Ma at 43.3%% to Viswanathan at 12.8%, and Conlon at 22.0% - Ma and Conlon will face off in November General


Attorney General

(Becerra) – Xavier Becerra (D) vs. Dave Jones (D) vs. Steven Bailey (R) vs. Eric Early (R)

** Becerra at 45.4% to Jones at 14.5%, Bailey at 25.3% and Early at 14.8% - Becerra and Bailey will face off in November General


Insurance Commissioner

(Jones) – Ricardo Lara (D) vs. Asif Mahmood (D) vs. Steve Poizner (NPP)

** Poizner leading at 41.2% to Lara at 40.7%, Mahmood at 13.0% - Poizner and Lara will face off in November General


Superintendent of Public Instruction

 (Torlakson) – Marshall Tuck vs. Tony Thurmond vs. Steve Ireland vs. Lily (Espinoza) Ploski

** Tuck leading at 37.0% to Thurmond at 34.3%, Ploski at 16.9%, and Ireland at 11.7% - Tuck and Thurmond will face off in November General


Board of Equalization Member District 1

(Runner) – Connie Conway (R) vs. Ted Gaines (R) vs. David Evans (R) vs. Tom Hallinan (D)

** Hallinan at 38.4% to Conway at 18.4%, Gaines at 32.8%, and Evans at 10.4% - Hallinan and Gaines will face off in November General


Board of Equalization Member District 2

(Ma) – Barry Chang (D) vs. Malia Cohen (D) vs. Cathleen Galgiani (D) vs. Mark Burns (R)

** Cohen at 36.1% to Chang at 9.0%, Galgiani at 26.2%, and Burns at 28.6% - Cohen and Burns are poised to face off in November General


Board of Equalization Member District 3

(Horton) – Nancy Pearlman (D) vs. Scott Svonkin (D) vs. Cheryl Turner (D) vs. Tony Vazquez (D) vs. G. Rick Marshall (R)

** Marshall at 27.3% to Vazquez at 20.8%, Turner at 16.6%, Pearlman at 12.5%, and Svonkin at 12.5% - Marshall and Vazquez will face off in November General 


Board of Equalization Member District 4

(Harkey) – David Dodson (D) vs. Mike Schaefer (D) vs. Ken Lopez-Maddox (D) vs. Joel Anderson (R) vs. John F. Kelly (R) (A field of 7 candidates)

** Anderson at 31.5% to Schaefer at 17.3%, Kelly at 17.2%, Lopez-Maddox at 14.1%, and Dodson at 14.0% - Anderson wins primary and will face off with either Schaefer or Kelly (too close to call) in November General


Congressional Races

CD 10 (Denham) – Jeff Denham (R) vs. Michael Eggman (D) vs. Josh Harder (D) vs. Ted Howze (R) (A field 8 candidates running)

** Denham at 37.7% to Eggman at 11.0%, Harder at 15.7%, and Howze at 14.4% - Denham wins primary and will face off with either Harder or Howze (close race) in November General


CD 21 (Valadao) – David G. Valadao (R) vs. TJ Cox (D)

** Valadao at 63.4% to Cox at 36.6% - Valadao and Cox will face off in November General


CD 25 (Knight) – Steve Knight (R) vs. Bryan Caforio (D) vs. Katie Hill (D) (A field of 5 candidates)

** Knight at 52.8%, Hill at 20.2%, Caforio at 18.3% - Knight wins primary and will face off either Hill or Caforio (close race) in November General


 CD 39 (Royce) – Bob Huff (R) vs. Young Kim (R) vs. Gil Cisneros (D) vs. Phil Liberatore (R) (A field 17 candidates running)

** Kim at 21.9%, Cisneros at 19.4%, Liberatore at 14.0%, and Huff at 6.3% - Kim and Cisneros will face off in November General


 CD 45 (Walters) – Mimi Walters (R) vs. Katie Porter (D) vs. David Min (D) vs. Brian Forde (D) (A field of 6 candidates running)

** Walters at 53.2%, Porter at 19.9%, Min at 17.2% and Forde at 5.6% - Walters and Porter will face off in November General


 CD 48 (Rohrabacher) – Dana Rohrabacher (R) vs. Hans Kierstead (D) vs. Harley Rouda (D) vs. Scott Baugh (R) (A field 16 candidates running)

** Rohrabacher at 30.3%, Kierstad at 17.2%, Rouda at 17.3% and Baugh at 16.1% and % - Rohrabacher wins primary and will face off Kierstad, Rouda or Baugh (too close to call) in November General


 CD 49 (Issa) – Diane L. Harkey (R) vs. Rocky Chavez (R) vs. Doug Applegate (D) vs. vs. Sara Jacobs (D) vs. Mike Levin (D) (A field 16 candidates running)

** Harkey at 25.5%, Applegate at 13.2%, Jacobs at 15.5%, Chavez at 7.8%, and Levin at 17.1% - Harkey wins primary and will face off either Levin or Jacobs (close race) in November General


 Senate Races


 SD 08 (Beryhill) – Paulina Miranda (D) vs. Tom Pratt (D) vs. Andreas Borgeas (R) vs. Mark Belden (NPP)

** Borgeas at 59.4%, Miranda at 21.3%, Pratt at 15.7%, and Belden at 3.6% - Borgeas and Miranda will face off in November General


SD 12 (Canella) – Anna Caballero (D) vs. Daniel Parra (D) vs. Rob Poythress (R), vs. Johnny Tacherra (R)

** Caballero at 41.2%, Poythress at 26.8%, Tacherra at 23.6%, and Parra at 8.4% - Caballero and Poythress will face off in November General


SD 14 (Vidak) – Andy Vidak (R) vs. Melissa Hurtado (D) vs. Ruben Macareno (D) vs. Abigail Solis (D)

** Vidak at 55.4%, Hurtado at 22.8%, Macareno at 7.8% and Solis at 14.1% - Vidak and Hurtado will face off in November General


 SD 16 (Fuller) – Ruth Musser-Lopez (D) vs. Shannon Grove (R) vs. Gregory Tatum (R)

** Grove at 59.9%, Musser-Lopez at 28.2%, and Tatum at 11.9% - Grove and Musser-Lopez will face off in November General


 SD 22 (Hernandez) – Mike Eng (D) vs. Monica Garcia (D) vs. Susan Rubio (D) vs. Ruben Sierra (D)

** Eng at 43.9%, Rubio at 27.3%, Garcia at 21.0% and Sierra at 7.8% - Eng and Rubio will face off in November General


 SB 24 (de León) – Peter Choi (D) and Maria Elena Durazo (D)

** Durazo at 70.1% and Choi at 29.9% - Durazo and Choi will face off in November General


 SD 34 (Nguyen) – Janet Nguyen (R) vs. Tom Umberg (D) vs. Akash Hawkins (D) vs. Jestin Samson (D)

** Nguyen at 59.1%, Umberg at 26.5%, Hawkins at 5.8% and Samson at 8.7% - Nguyen and Umberg will face off in November General


**Special Recall Election** SD 29 (Newman) – Voters in the senate district will vote on the recall as well as picking a candidate to replace Newman if he is removed from office. Ling Ling Chang (R) vs. Kevin Carr (D) vs. Joseph Cho (D) vs. Josh Ferguson (D) vs. George C. Shen (R) vs. Bruce Whitaker (R)

            ** Newman is Recalled

** Chang at 34.2%, Cho at 20.1%, Whitaker at 19.6%, Carr at 8.9%, Ferguson at 12%, and Shen at 5.1% - Chang succeeds Newman, as recalled


 **Special Primary Election** SD 32 (Mendoza) – Rudy Bermudez (D) vs. Tony Mendoza (D) vs. Vanessa Delgado (D) vs. Ion Sarega (R) vs. Rita Topalian (R) (A field 10 candidates running)

** Topalian at 25.3%, Delgado at 16.3%, Bermudez at 4.5%, Mendoza at 14.5%, Sarega at 9.3%, and Archuleta at 11.9% - Topalian wins Primary Special Election and will face off with Delgado in the August Special General Election

** Despite the Special Primary Election results and top two outcome for the Primary, the regular Primary Election resulted in Archuleta with 17.8% over Delgado at 15.6%; Archuleta likely to face off with Topalian in November General


 SD 38 (Anderson) – Jeff Griffith (D) vs. Brian Jones (R) vs. and Antonio Salguero (Libertarian)

** Jones at 58.7%, Griffith at 38.7%, Salguero at 2.5% - Jones and Griffith will face off in November General


 Assembly Races


 AD 15 (Thurmond) – Judy Appel (D) vs. Jovanka Beckles (D) vs. Dan Kalb (D) vs. Pardue-Okimoto (D) vs. Buffy Wicks (D)

** Wicks at 31.1%, Kalb at 14.9%, Beckles at 14.6%, Appel at 11.6% and Pardue-Okimoto at 8.5% - Wicks wins primary and will face off against either Beckles or Kalb (too close to call) in November General


AD 16 (Baker) – Catharine Baker (R) vs. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D)

** Baker at 58.2% and Bauer-Kahan at 41.8% - both will face off again in November General


AD 26 (Mathis) – Devon Mathis (R) vs. Jose Sigala (D) vs. Warren Gubler (R) vs. Jack Lavers (R)

** Mathis at 30.2%, Sigala at 29.6%, Gubler at 28.7%, and Lavers at 11.6% - Race too close to call with 202 votes separating Mathis and Sigala and 516 separating leading Mathis and Gubler


 AD 30 (Caballero) – Trina Coffman-Gomez (D) vs. Peter Leroe-Muñoz (D) vs. Bill Lipe (D) vs. Robert Rivas (D) vs. Neil Kitchens (R)

** Rivas at 44.8%, Kitchens at 31.0%, Coffman-Gomez at 7.8%, Leroe-Munoz at 10.2% and Lipe at 6.3% - Rivas and Kitchens will face off in November General


 AD 36 (Lackey) – Tom Lackey (R) vs. Steve Fox (D)

** Lackey at 61.7% and Fox at 38.3% - both will face off again in the November General


 AD 38 (Acosta) – Dante Acosta (R) vs. Christy Smith (D)

** Acosta at 54.2% and Smith at 45.8% - both will face off again in November General


 **Special General Election** AD 39 (Bocanegra) – Luz Maria Rivas (D) vs. Ricardo Benitez (R)

** Rivas at 69.8% and Benitez at 30.2% - Rivas wins election and takes office immediately, but will again face off in the November General against Benitez to retain the seat.


 AB 40 (Steinorth) – Libbern Cook (D) vs. James Ramos (D) vs. Henry Gomez Nickel (R)

** Nickel at 46.6%, Ramos at 40.2%, and Cook at 13.2% - Nickel and Ramos will face off in November General


 AD 42 (Mayes) – Chad Mayes (R) vs. Deniantionette Mazingo (D) vs. Gary Jeandron (R) vs. Andrew Kotyuk (R) vs. Carol Bouldin (Green)

** Mazingo at 35.6%, Mayes at 33.3%, Jeandron at 15.7%, Kotyuk at 12.2%, - Mazingo and Mayes will face off in November General


**Special General Election** AD 45 (Dababneh) – Jesse Gabriel (D) vs. Justin Clark (R)

** Gabriel at 63.8%, Clark at 36.2% - Gabriel wins election and takes office immediately, but will again face off in the November General against Clark to retain the seat.


 AD 54 (Kamlager) – Sydney K. Kamlager (D) vs. Tepring Michelle Piquado (D) vs. Glen Ratcliff (R) (A field of 6 candidates)

** Kamlager at 54.5%, Piquado at 15.2%, and Ratcliff at 13.1% - Kamlager and Piquado will face off in November General


AD 58 (Garcia) – Cristina Garcia (D) vs. Ivan Altamirano (D) vs. Pedro Aceituno (D) vs. Mike Simpfenderfer (R) (A field of 8 candidates)

** Garcia at 28.7%, Altamirano at 7.8%, Simpfenderfer at 26.7%, and Aceituno at 13.1% - Garcia and Simpfenderfer will face off in November General


 AD 60 (Cervantes) – Sabrina Cervantes (D) vs. Bill Essayli (R)

** Essayli at 53.4% and Cervantes at 46.6% - Essayli and Cervantes will again face off in November General


 AD 65 (Quirk-Silva) – Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) vs. Alexandria Coronado (R)

** Quirk-Silva at 50.9% and Coronado at 49.1% - both will face off again in November General


 AD 66 (Muratsuchi) – Al Muratsuchi (D) vs. Caney Arnold (D) vs. Frank Scotto (R)

** Muratsuchi at 49.0%, Scotto at 45.2% and Arnold at 5.8%, - Muratsuchi and Scotto will face off in November General


 AD 72 (Allen) – Josh Lowenthal (D) vs. Tyler Diep (R) vs. Greg Haskin (R) vs. Richard Laird (R) vs. Long Pham (R)

** Lowenthal at 36.8%, Diep at 29.6%, Haskin at 20.4%, Laird at 5.2% and Pham at 8% - Lowenthal and Diep will face off in November General


 AD 76 (Chavez) – Tasha Boerner Horvath (D) vs. Elizabeth Warren (D) vs. Philip Graham (R) (A field of 8 candidates)

** Warren at 25.7%, Horvath at 25.2%, and Graham at 21.1% - Warren and Horvath will face off in November General           


 **This list of races is not exhaustive, but a review of some of the more competitive Primary Election races.  For a full list of all race results, please see http://vote.sos.ca.gov/.