CVU sponsored bill clears public safety committee

Wed, 04/15/2015 - 3:00pm
CVU Chair Harriet Salarno and assemblymember Mike Gipson. CVU Chair Harriet Salarno and AB920 author Assemblymember Mike Gipson.


A bill ensuring victims of crime receive adequate perpetrator parole information was passed after Crime Victims United of California's Chair Harriet Salarno and Assemblymember Mike Gipson testified in support of the measure during Tuesday's Assembly Committee on Public safety at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. AB 920 would authorize the victim or victim's next of kin to request to review all information in the prisoner's central; file that is not confidential and to be provided a copy of the board packet within 30 days prior to the date selected for the hearing. The bill would authorize the victim or victim's next of kin to submit relevant documents related to any subject about which the victim or his or her next of kin has the right to be heard, including recommendations regarding the grant of parole, and would require the submission of information not in the central file or board packet to the department no later than 10 days prior to the hearing. Having passed through the Assembly Committee on Public Safety, the bill is now scheduled to be heard at the Assembly Appropriations Committee, which will examine the fiscal impact of the bill on the state. Harriet said Tuesday that she is hopeful the bill will continue through the committee process and eventually become law. "AB 920 is an important victim's rights bill that will help ensure victims have equal standing and meaningful opportunity to be heard in the parole process as was intended by the voters in their approval of Proposition 9, Marsy's Law," she said. CVU will update when AB 920 is addressed by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.