Crime Victims United Meetings with Gov Brown Culminate in Policy Announcement to Expand Prison Capacity and Avoid Inmate Releases

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 11:52am

(Sacramento, CA) – Yesterday, Crime Victims United President Nina Salarno-Ashford delivered the following statement at Governor Brown’s news conference where the Governor announced his plan to expand prison capacity and avoid additional early inmate releases.  CVU worked closely with the Governor to help support this plan that has bi-partisan support, which is the way government should work!  CVU appreciates all the Legislators who support this plan.

Public safety should be government’s number-one focus.  A family’s safety should never become a casualty of government’s bad fiscal management.  And, California’s Legislature should never let budget complexities result in early release of violent criminals.  Yet Governor Brown inherited a public safety crisis caused by the Legislature’s decade-long failure to approve and fund adequate new prison space.

On behalf of tens of thousands of crime victims throughout California, we at Crime Victims United applaud the Governor for his steadfast resolve against releasing more criminals into our streets.  We appreciate Governor Brown’s candor and willingness to work with Crime Victims United to craft a solution to this problem, and we stand with the administration today in support of the plan moving forward.

We also urge the legislature to focus on priorities and pass legislation that puts the safety of our children first.  Because nobody should have to endure the shattered life that crime victims and their families must endure.  I know.  I’ve lived through that experience.  And, there should never be an instance where the cause of that violent crime is government’s failure to provide adequate prison space for violent criminals.

Today, the Governor has taken a stand for public safety, and he has stood in the gap where the legislature has failed.  Crime Victims United stands with him.  Thank you.