Members and Advisory Board

Chair and Co-Founder
Harriet Salarno
Placer/San Francisco County
Victim – Daughter

September 3, 1979 changed forever the lives of Mike and Harriet Salarno. Their eldest daughter, Catina Rose Salarno, was senselessly murdered ‘execution style’ at the University of the Pacific in Stockton on her first day of school. She was only 18 years old.

In the years that followed, the Salarno family endured the frustrations of a criminal justice system that tilted too heavily toward preserving criminal rights while barely addressing the rights and needs of victims and victims’ families.

Nina Salarno Besselman
Victim – Sister

An accomplished former prosecutor and Deputy District Attorney, Nina Salarno Besselman is the owner of The Law Office of Nina Salarno Besselman, A Professional Corporation, as well as Executive Board Member for America's leading crime victims advocacy organization, Crime Victims United (CVU).

One of three daughters to CVU founders Michael and Harriet Salarno, Nina was just eleven years old when her older sister, Catina Rose Salarno was senselessly murdered execution-style on the University of the Pacific Campus. Nina and her family quickly learned that victims had limited rights, and through determination to change the law and protect victims, Crime Victims United was launched. In fact, Nina became one of the Nation's youngest victims' advocates when, at the age of 12, she testified before President Reagan's Task Force on Crime Victims and participated in various crime victim programs.

Advisory Board
    Chairman of the Board & Founder:  Harriet Salarno Victim – Daughter
    President:  Nina Salarno Besselman Victim – Sister
    Vice Chair:  LaWanda Hawkins Victim - Son
    Executive Board Member:  Susanna Aguilera-Marrero Victim - Uncle
    Executive Secretary:  Bill Bean Victim - Son

    Leslie Armstrong ~ Orlando, Florida Victim – Daughter
    Al Pross ~ San Francisco County CVUC First Political Director  
    Sharon Sellitto ~ Granville, Ohio Victim – Brother

    Susan Aguilar – San Bernardino County  
    Myrna Allen – Sacramento County Victim – Son
    Walt Allen III – Los Angeles County  
    Lori Auteri - Sacramento County  
    Terri Barbuto – San Joaquin County  
    Sabrina Berhane – Sacramento County  
    Bill & Jane Bouffard - Los Angeles County  
    Phillip Chen – Orange County  
    Amanda Carley – Mendocino County Victim/Witness
    Merry Clark – Shasta County Victim – Son
    Lora L. Collum – Calaveras County  
    Karla Davis, DDA – Imperial County  
    Marcy Davis – Sacramento County  
    Laura Duncan – Placer County Victim – Grandmother
    Linda Dunn, DDA – Riverside County  
    Lt. Mike Favetti – San Francisco County  
    Angel Flores – Sacramento County  
    Terry Fowler – Sonoma County  
    Yolanda Gayton-Ruiz – San Bernardino County Victim – Daughter
    Danella George – Riverside County Victim – Son
    Nichol Gomez – Yolo County  
    Stan Hanstad – Orange County
    Chuck Harris - San Francisco County
    LaWanda Hawkins – Los Angeles County  
    Curtis Hill - San Benito County  
    Dawn Koepke – San Francisco County Lobbyist
    Charles Hughes – Humbolt County Victim – Father
    Steven J. Ipsen, DDA – Los Angeles County  
    Janice Keson – San Joaquin Victim – Daughter
    Kate Killeen - Sacramento County  
    Marc Klaas – Marin County Victim – Daughter
    Jackie Kreisler – San Diego County Victim-Daughter
    Jeff Leong - San Francisco County  
    The Honorable Gary Lieberstein District Attorney – Napa County  
    Ken Logan – Sacramento County  
    Frances Luster – San Francisco County Victim – Son
    Vicki Lyman – Sacramento County  
    Rose Madsen – San Bernardino County Victim – Daughter
    Debbie Mahoney – San Joaquin County Victim – Son
    George Martin – Los Angeles County  
    Art Nellessen – Humbolt County  
    Officer Lance Novello – Sonoma County Victim – Sister-in-Law
    Rod Pacheco  
    Greg Topo Padilla – Sacramento County  
    The Honorable Mark Peterson District Attorney – Contra Costa County  
    Lee Bertha Picket-Allen – Los Angeles County Victim – Son
    Leslie Price – Solano County  
    Stacey Redman – San Mateo County Victim– Son
    Linda Redd – Tulare County Victim – Sons
    Kelli Reid – Placer County  
    The Honorable Jeff Reisig District Attorney – Yolo County  
    Jack Reilley – Orange County Victim – Daughter
    Valerie Dodini – Solano County Victim – Son
    Sharon Rocha – Stanislaus County Victim – Daughter
    Jim Shore, DDA – Santa Clara County  
    Lt. Mark Smith – Stanislaus County  
    Perry Speth – San Luis Obispo County  
    Radha Stern – Marin County Victim – Son
    Rich & Laura Strasser - Placer County  
    Gwendolyn Stuart-Singleton – Los Angeles County Victim – Son
    Frank Tavelman, DDA – Los Angeles County  
    The Honorable Greg Totten District Attorney – Ventura County  
    John Vacek - Yuba County  
    The Honorable Tori Verber, District Attorney – San Joaquin County  
    Susan Wallace – Nevada County Victim – Self – Home – Pets
    Patricia Wenskunas – Orange County Victim – Self
    Mike Flores – Sacramento County  
    The Honorable Tim Ward, District Attorney, Tulare County  
    Debbie Boyd

Victim – Daughter

    Joe Fumasi – Yolo County  
    Senator Cathleen Galgiani – San Joaquin County Victim – Self
    Senator Jim Nielsen – Butte County  
    Barbra Burchfield- Sacramento County Victim - Husband
    Patti Tate- Los Angeles County Victim - Sister
    Danielle Reilley- Orange County Victim - Daughter
    Kelli Reid Protocol Advisor
  Executive Secretary Lisa Knowlton   
  Lobbyist Dawn Sanders-Koepke – Sacramento County Gavin & Shari McHugh – Sacramento County  
  Legal Advisor Wayne Ordos – Sacramento County  
  Treasurer Zoe Misquez – Sacramento County  
  Protocol Advisor Kelli Reid – Sacramento County  
  Social Media and Marketing Alyssa Gurzi  
  Political Consultant Richard Temple 
  Scholarship and Event Manager

Stephanie Lambert