Historic Change

For over three decades, Crime Victims United President Harriet Salarno has helped bring unprecedented changes to America’s criminal justice system, improving safety and security for all Americans. Policy Accomplishments Include:


  • Proposition 35 (2012) fighting human trafficking;
  • AB 1844 “Chelsea’s Law” (2010) increasing penalties, parole provisions and oversight for sex offenders;
  • Proposition 9 “Marsy’s Law” (2008) adding 17 crime victims’ rights to the State Constitution;
  • Proposition 83 “Jessica’s Law” (2006) strengthening laws against sex offenders;
  • Defeat of Proposition 66 (2004) which would have weakened the 3 Strikes law;
  • Defeating numerous ballot measures to weaken or abolish the death penalty;
  • Removing from office CA Chief Justice Rose Bird (1986);
  • Proposition 184 (1984) enacting the landmark “Three Strikes law;”
  • Collaborating with President Reagan’s historic Crime Victims Taskforce (1982);
  • Proposition 8 (1982) enacting a first of its kind “Crime Victims Bill of Rights;”
  • Establishing a victim’s right to be notified of parole hearings;
  • Establishing a victim’s right to be present and to participate in all phases of the criminal justice proceedings;
  • Establishing of a victim’s right to restoration; and,
  • Establishing that victims’ safety must be considered when determining bail.

    (partial list)