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Victims Denounce Dean Johansson for "Wrong and Hypocritical" Attacks on Yolo DA Jeff Reisig.

SACRAMENTO — Crime Victims United (CVU) today denounced Yolo County District Attorney candidate Dean Johansson for wrongly accusing long-time Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig of "overcharging" defendants and supporting mass incarceration. "Since the day Johansson announced his candidacy, he's been making reckless allegations against DA Reisig of 'overcharging' and over incarcerating," said Nina Salarno Besselman, President of Crime Victims United and a former Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney. "Not only are his attacks untrue, they're shamefully hypocritical. "As a former Deputy DA, and practicing attorney specializing in family, juvenile and victims' rights, I can attest to the soundness of DA Reisig's policies and integrity," said Besselman. "His decisions are always in the best interest of justice, and he's created multiple diversion programs that have resolved thousands of cases outside of the courtroom, eliminating the need for trials in many cases," said Besselman. "These are exactly the type of diversion programs Johansson claims he supports. "What's most galling about Johansson's attacks is that Dean himself was accused of domestic crimes in 2007 and after careful review, DA Reisig used his discretion and chose not to file a formal criminal complaint, but instead allowed the matter to be handled through an alternate interventional process. (see police report below) "Given that Johansson has personally benefited from DA Reisig's fair and balanced approach to criminal justice — which includes diversion and not over charging — his attacks seem disingenuous and hypocritical," said Besselman.

Yolo DA Jeff Reisig's successful "Neighborhood Court" program has become a national model for reform, earning him the "Democracy Works" award from the League of Women Voters. He also helped create Yolo County's first Mental Health Court and its Homeless Neighborhood Court, as well. Crime Victims United of California is the only organization of its kind — using education, legislation, advocacy and political action to enhance public safety, promote effective crime-reduction measures and strengthen the rights of crime victims.



District Attorney candidate Dean Johansson Arrest Report: Click Here to Download