CVU News

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 3:46pm
It is with great sadness that we announce that there will not be a 26th Annual Victims’ March on the Capitol this year. Each year we have come together as victims and respected one another’s grief and pain regardless of how we became victims.  We were there as one voice; the voice of victims.... read more
Wed, 01/21/2015 - 1:10pm
During his State of the Union address Tuesday evening President Obama emphasized the importance of both citizens and members of law enforcement coming together to help fix the criminal justice system so that it protects and serves EVERYONE. In the ever-watchful eyes of Crime Victims United of... read more
Mon, 01/12/2015 - 2:52pm
As we head into 2015 Crime Victims United will continue to keep you updated on our victim advocacy and legislative activity. We tirelessly fight to balance the scales of justice and will maintain our ongoing support of public safety. This year we look forward to working with the many California law... read more
Thu, 12/18/2014 - 11:42am
As we enter this holiday season, Crime Victims United understands this is a bittersweet time for many.  The joy of the season and being with those we love is often overshadowed by the pain of the ones who are not with us anymore.When I look back over the past year and remember the victories and... read more
Wed, 12/17/2014 - 1:29pm
Crime Victims United of California met with members of International Rescue Committee Wednesday morning to asses working together in order to assist victims of human trafficking. CVU chair Harriet Salarno and IRC Sacramento anti-trafficking coordinator Kirsten Raschko discussed at length the pain... read more
Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:06pm
Contact: Harriet Salarno, Crime Victims United of California, (530) 885-9544, Crime Victims United of California Joins the National #GivingTuesday Movement To Encourage Spending With A Purpose Crime Victims Unitedhas joined #GivingTuesday, a first of its kind effort... read more
Wed, 11/26/2014 - 10:58am
There have been some rumors circulating regarding action that Crime Victims United of California has been planning to take in an attempt to repeal Proposition 47, which became law this November. However, as of right now Crime Victims United is only researching the matter and has NOT decided on the... read more
Thu, 11/20/2014 - 1:26pm
Crime Victims United of California has been monitoring a public safety concern in the City of Auburn that we feel has grown in importance since the passing of AB109, Proposition 47 and the deadly events that occurred in the town on Oct. 24. Harriet, Nina and the rest of the CVU team feel that now... read more
Tue, 11/18/2014 - 2:40pm
Crime Victims United Founder and Chairwoman Harriet Salarno addressed the Board of Parole commissioners Tuesday morning in Sacramento on behalf of herself and other Californians who have been victims of crime. Below is the transcript of her speech: Good morning commissioners.  I would like to... read more
Thu, 11/13/2014 - 3:32pm
Crime Victims United Chairwoman and Co-founder Harriet Salarno spoke out against the definition of adult recidivism provided by the Board of State and Community Corrections Thursday morning during a meeting in Sacramento, Calif. The BSCC's definition of recidivism is as follows: Recidivism is... read more