About CVU

A Voice for Victims. A Foundation for Hope.

"We support crime victims who are often overlooked by the system. We've been through what they are going through, and we know they shouldn't have to go through it alone." Harriet C. Salarno Chair, Crime Victims United Charitable Foundation [/note]

About Us

The Crime Victims United Charitable Foundation provides direct assistance and support to victims of crime and their families, while helping to prevent future victims by working with children and youth and supporting law enforcement nationwide. CVUCF’s supporters include crime victims and their families, victims’ advocates, law enforcement organizations and others who are determined to reverse the trend of violence in our society and help heal the personal and societal wounds caused by violent crime. CVUCF is a non-profit, 501(c)3 public benefit corporation, and contributions are tax deductible.

We Give Back

CVUCF provides victims and their families emotional and financial support, educational resources and guidance through the complex criminal justice and victim compensation systems. CVUCF also offers educational seminars, monthly support groups, guidance in the parole hearing process, and memorial service support to victims’ families.

Programs Include:

Teddy Bear Rooms — CVUCF has been creating “teddy bear” rooms in District Attorneys’ and Child Protective Services’ offices throughout California — giving young victims and children of victims a safe haven during the long and often painful criminal justice process. [insert photo that’s on the web of the teddy bear room] Victims to Victory – CVUCF is launching this innovative program that helps crime victims re-enter society. With so much emphasis given to preparing criminals for society, the victim has often been ignored. Yet they go through tremendous emotional and physical trauma and often fail to regain their financial footing and career path. Victims to Victory partners with local donors and volunteers to help victims write their resume, build their wardrobe, gain good schedule habits, learn new skills, and move beyond their victim status to launch a new future. Change of Venue — CVUCF is the only group to offer financial assistance to victims’ families who must travel to other parts of the state, due to a change of venue, to attend criminal proceedings for a murdered loved one. To apply for financial assistance, please contact us at mail@crimevictimsunited.comScholarships — CVUCF provides annual scholarships to victims of crime, including The Catina Rose Scholarship assists young victims or victims’ children in fulfilling their educational dreams, and The Protect Scholarship which rewards young people who are directing their energies in positive ways. Scholarship Criteria and Application Victims Memorial — The Crime Victims Memorial Wall is a remembrance to the 325 victims of the 184 affirmed convicted killers currently on California’s Death Row. This portable, five-panel, faux-marble memorial is available for victims’ rights and public safety functions across the state.